Introduction to Essential Oils

Introduction to Essential Oils

Introduction to Essential Oils

Some scents just make us feel good, and can transport us immediately to a higher vibration and happier energy. The aroma of freshly laundered linen might take you instantly to your grandmother’s home, where warmth, comfort and love were always in abundance.  Maybe the smell of a certain sunscreen transports you to that youthful summer of laughter and fun in Greece. In each instance, you have connected a deep memory and strong feeling to that moment through aroma and your sense of smell. Undoubtedly, the influence of scent on our energy body is immense. Combine Mother Earth’s potent aromas with the magic of crystals, and you have a powerful force in healing and maintaining your emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils come from the life essence of plants. They are yet another gift from Mother Earth, distilled into a concentrated extract and used for millenia in healing, meditation and shaman work. From aromatherapy to natural remedies and western medicine, essential oils have become another vital element in our healing journey.

These highly concentrated extracts are the natural aroma found in many different parts of plants, like flowers (lavender), leaves (eucalyptus), bark (cinnamon) or even the rind of fruit (bergamot). These scents are used to protect the plant from predators and help attract friendly pollinators. When this essence is distilled into an oil, a distinct fragrance emerges, ones we can utilise for a wide range of healing purposes.

How do essential oils work?

Just like crystals, each essential oil works in its own unique way. This is thanks to its chemical composition, which holds a specific energy and properties. Just like those freshly laundered linen or sunscreen scents, different oils can have various effects on our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. For example, lavender oil is well known for promoting a relaxed feeling and reducing anxiety. Lemongrass will refresh a tired mind and give renewed vigour for a task. Ylang Ylang will soothe sadness, enhance sensuality and even help increase libido.

What are the benefits of essential oils?

Pure essential oils are a natural and functional tool we can use to aid us on our emotional, physical and spiritual healing journey:

  • reduce stress
  • relieve anxiety
  • enhance mood
  • balance emotions
  • increase the power of intentions
  • clarify thoughts
  • soothe aches and pains
  • support sleep
  • enhance dreams
  • support the respiratory system
  • soothe skin complaints
  • protect from physical and emotional harm
  • antibacterial

Most importantly, essential oils are completely natural: Mother Earth has gifted them to us to use! We have come to rely on synthetic chemicals to do just about anything in our lives, from cleaning our home to clearing our nose and lifting our mood. These unnatural products can make us feel mentally sluggish and cause harm to our physical body.

Why use essential oils with crystals?

Each crystal and essential oil holds a unique energy and individual healing properties. When we use these beautiful gifts together, their effects are heightened. The healing we experience with them is stronger and our journey to a balanced energy body filled with love and light is better supported.

There are so many ways we can bring essential oil use into our daily crystal practice! Diffuse Lavender near a chunk of Amethyst for a double down on peace and prosperity in your home. Amplify your meditation and place a drop of Sandalwood on a piece of Citrine to move blocked energy and help with grounding. Wear a blend of oils, such as Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lime with a bracelet of Ruby for supercharged mental clarity, drive and courage throughout your day.

Head into one of our Sunshine Coast shops and chat with our friendly Shiny Storm experts: we can help you choose the best combination for your healing needs.