Cleansing Your Crystals

Cleansing Your Crystals

Cleansing Your Crystals

Cleansing Your Crystals

Methods- Smoke, Water, Earth, Herbs, Light, Sound, Energy

Cleansing your crystals can be a strange concept before understanding what it truly means. Crystals properties work through energy and vibration, if we don't clear this and allow new energy into the crystal then it won’t function as well. A bit like a vacuum cleaner, if we don't clean then it can't do its job. Now, because we are talking about energy we need something to pass through the crystal, working through the empty space within atoms and passing through the other side. We need something small, light, with cleansing abilities. Preferably it will additionally have properties we wish our crystals to have, so we can charge them using the same tools, but that's optional. Cleansing is a beautiful part of your practice and can be completely unique to you. Practice makes perfect and experimenting with different ways will help you find the method that fills you with power. 

Simply chanting and using your own energy can cleanse crystals, but there are many methods that can feel more reliable while we practice and strengthen our energy work. Smoke cleansing is one of the most popular ways to cleanse, using a cleansing stick or incense. All you need to do is light it, focus on the intention of cleansing and make sure the smoke passes over the crystal. 

Water cleansing is favoured as well, though some crystals will react with or absorb water. As a general rule of thumb, crystals with the suffix -ite are more fussy crystals and unless you've done your research it’s best to keep them away from water and salt.  

Light, frequencies and energy also cleanse. Light’s cleansing ability is why we put them out to cleanse on the Full Moon, a bonus is that they come in freshly charged with beautiful lunar energy. Sunlight will have the same effect, although again, some minerals within crystals react with sunlight, and eventually will fade. Commonly collected examples of this are Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Aquamarine, it is a slow reaction and takes years to fade, but it does happen. 

Sound is an amazing and handy way to cleanse. Singing bowls, recorded frequencies, music, your own voice are few of the many ways you can use this method. Another is burying your crystals in the earth for a period of time. Whether hours, overnight or for a full lunar cycle, whatever feels best in your practice is the best method for you. 

Last to be mentioned are plants, spices, minerals and crystals that have cleansing properties. These include;  Herbs and Plants- Cedar, Lavender, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Frankincense, Myrrh, Sages, Ylang Ylang, Minerals- Salt.

Crystals: Selenite and Black, Blue, Green Kyanite

Cleansing crystals with crystals works through the cleanser pushing its energy through the other crystal, removing any stagnant energy. 

Your intent is the most important part of cleansing. All natural things have properties they can help with. We just need to tell them what to do. 

One of the commonly used methods of ensuring intention in any kind of working are mantras or affirmations. This type of affirmation is generally a short phrasing of one’s intent or overall goal. An example for cleansing is

“May universal light fill you and remove any energies I have not given you”

The beauty of intent is that yours is simply yours. Please understand the power of using your own words within any aspect of your practice. Play around with different wording and how it sounds. It is a brilliant journaling exercise as well.  Do you prefer an affirmation that is short or longer?

Do you feel more power when it is spoken lyrically or with a firm tone?

Do you feel more power when you repeat it?