Crystals for Pisces - and help to protect them

Crystals for Pisces - and help to protect them

Crystals for Pisces - and help to protect them

Crystals for Pisces - and help to protect them. 

We all have a Pisces in our lives and you’ll know them immediately: they are your biggest cheerleader. Feeling down? Your water born friend will buoy you up! Need to vent? The Pisces will burn with indignation alongside you.  

Fiercely loyal, deeply emotional and very empathetic, a Pisces will find it almost impossible not to throw themselves into caring for others, even to the detriment of their own health and happiness. How better to symbolise this sign than by two fish swimming in opposite directions. On the one hand, they want to be surrounded by success, action and joy, but on the other hand, peopling is hard and if everyone else feels a bit down, they will too. Why? Because Pisces are the ultimate empaths: if there’s a vibe, they’re feeling it! 

 As the final sign of the horoscope, they have grasped the importance of every trial and tribulation, every triumph and delight experienced or learned by all the other signs. This makes Pisceans incredibly psychic, empathetic and compassionate. But it also means they are affected by all the feelings: they have a tendency to be hyper-sensitive, intensely emotional and prone to escapism. Ensuring these fishy friends are not drifting off on a depressive current will always be their greatest struggle. Arming them with protection from negativity and grounding them in the here and now is a must. Fortunately, the Pisces is drawn to the spiritual and mystical side of life, making a Shiny Storm crystal the perfect gift. 

Black Tourmaline

A powerful protection stone, Black Tourmaline will transmute the negative thoughts and emotions of those the Pisces comes into contact with. This crystal will help protect their own positive energy, rather than unwittingly (and empathically) taking on the dark moods of others. 


Soothing and restorative, Aquamarine is perfect for calming the heightened sensitivities of a Pisces. Its beautiful light blue colour is stunning in jewellery, and when worn, will promote a more even-keeled approach to navigating the usual Piscean storm of emotions. 


As the Piscean birth stone, Amethyst brings a triple whammy of helpfulness. When used in meditation, this stone can help release all that pent up spiritual energy through the Crown Chakra, while the strengthening properties of Amethyst can help restore and protect both physically and emotionally. Worn in ancient times to protect against drunkenness and overindulgence, this stone will also help prevent the Pisces tendency toward escapism. A beautiful piece of Amethyst worn daily, or a stunning cluster or stand for the home will do wonders!  

Clear Quartz 

Is there anything Clear Quartz can’t do?? For the Pisces, this is a must-have stone for two excellent reasons. Firstly, this beautiful stone will disperse all those negative feelings (which aren’t even theirs!) and more importantly, help them connect with their own inherent joy and positivity. Using Clear Quartz in conjunction with Smoky Quartz will help dispel all those heavy emotions even further.   


An excellent grounding stone, Mookaite will help strengthen personal will, invigorate and motivate to get things done and ground the Pisces with greater connection to the Earth.    


Grounding, nurturing and a bringer of joy, Jasper is the perfect little tumble to gift your Pisces friend. This stone will bring balance to their emotions and can also help our gifted psychic friends reach greater spiritual heights. With many different colours, each corresponding to the chakras, it’s best to pop into a Shiny Storm shop to discuss the best kind of Jasper for your Piscean gift.