How to manifest with crystals

How to manifest with crystals

How to manifest with crystals

What exactly is manifesting?

‘Your whole life is a manifestation of the thoughts that go on in your head.’ Rhonda Byrne, The Secret.

The Universal Law of Attraction. Manifestation. Energy alignment. What does it all mean and how do crystals help?

Put simply, manifestation is the process of turning our thoughts into things. Bringing our desires into reality. This is based on the Universal Law of Attraction, where energy attracts energy; like attracts like. When it comes to manifestation, our thoughts attract things. When we think positive and feel into our happiest emotions; when our energy body is in alignment with what we truly want, then every amazing thing will find its way to us.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is, but we are not always aware of or in control of our thoughts and energy. One obstacle in our morning might set our thoughts and feelings off on a negative, angry spiral: suddenly, the entire day is one difficult, hurtful challenge after the next.    

How does energy effect manifestation?

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” ~ Maya Angelou

We CAN think and feel our way to the best carpark, our dream partner or financial success. We can also think our way in the opposite direction. It is all made possible through energy.

The universe is made of energy at a subatomic particle level. Everything is made up of energy: even our thoughts carry their very own vibrational energy! When we consider the Law of Attraction, that ‘like attracts like’, the things we think about and focus on become part of our vibration. Our energy attracts more of that energy.

Manifesting means getting into vibrational alignment with your desires. Feeling good and thinking positive thoughts attracts good things. Crystals can help us achieve and maintain those good feeling thoughts!

How do crystals help manifest our desires?

So often when our wonderful clients walk into a Shiny Storm shop or market stall, we can see they are troubled. Maybe it is in their love or financial life or maybe they are stuck in a less than happy mood… but time and again, a beautiful crystal will capture their attention, and suddenly, their energy lifts right there and then. This is the power of crystals!

Each crystal carries powerful energy: an electric charge throughout the crystalline structure known as piezoelectricity. This electric polarisation influences the vibration of the crystal, which we can then harness to influence the energy around and within us.

Even gazing at a gorgeous crystal, taking note of its perfect organic structure and the way the light catches and adds to its beauty will influence your energy body in a positive way. That positivity will attract more of what you want!

How to manifest with crystals?

Manifesting your intentions with crystals is a powerful way to bring your desires to reality. There are some important steps to consider; just choose what feels right for you.

  • Choose the right crystals: Each crystalhas different properties and energies, so choosing the one which aligns closely to your desires will obviously be beneficial (we have compiled a handy list below!)
  • Set your intention: Feeling good is important for bringing amazing things your way, but having a clear desire is even better. Write down your intention in a clear, concise and positive way, and use it as a mantra as you work with your crystals.
  • Cleanse your crystals:Clear negative energy and prepare your crystals for your intention work. Cleanse them under running water, smudge them with palo santo, or leave them out in the moonlight.
  • Charge your crystals:Hold your crystal in your hand and focus on your intention. Visualise how you will feel when the desire becomes a reality, speak your intention out loud or write it down and place it near your crystals.
  • Work with your crystals:The easiest work ever! Carry your crystals with you (tumbles are perfect for this), wear them in your jewellery, meditate with or place them on your altar. Let their positive energy boost and enhance your energy.
  • Trust the process:Your desires will show up in your reality in the most surprising ways. Trust the universe: it is delivering your desires in a way that is best for you, but it may take some time to manifest.
  • Remember to feel good: Be conscious of what you are focussing on and where you are investing your energy. Practising gratitude will also help to keep your thoughts and emotions positive.

Which crystals should I manifest with?

Below is a great starting point to see which crystals best align with your intentions and desires. Pop into one of our Shiny Storm stall or shopfronts for more personalised advice: we can’t wait to help you!

Crystals to Manifest Money and Success

  • African Bloodstone: promotes courage and action, perfect for bringing wealth and success into your life.
  • Citrine: known as the ‘merchants’ stone’, this popular crystal attracts abundance and nurtures creativity and joy.
  • Aventurine: this powerful stone will help enhance your self esteem and decisiveness while promoting greater financial freedom.  

Crystals to Manifest Love

  • Rose quartz: THE most popular crystal for attracting love and boosting feelings of self-love. A must for everyone because we all deserve love!
  • Emerald: working directly with the heart chakra, the energies of this unconditional love stone will heal heartache and foster harmony and kindness in your life.
  • Ocean Jasper: soothe away your heartache and accept your true self with this beautiful stone. Love will begin to manifest around you in every way.

Crystals to Manifest Health

  • Moss Agate: a true medicine stone with anti-inflammatory properties, this will help with illness in both the physical and energy body.
  • Clear Quartz: this is the most powerful healing stone, used from ancient times to disperse negative energy, and bring balance to your chakras.
  • Shungite: detoxify your physical and energetic body, support your immunity, and rejuvenate the chakras. This is an excellent stone to help bring your health desires into reality.

Manifesting something more personal?

The Shiny Storm staff are experts, not only in crystals, but in positivity and manifesting desires. Pop into one of our shopfronts or market stalls for personalised service today! We can’t wait to see you.