How does the moon affect us and why?

How does the moon affect us and why?

How does the moon affect us and why?

The moon and its cycles are tangible forces which impact everything from the ocean to our emotions, our personality and our lives. It holds an ancient feminine energy, one which connects us deeply to our intuition and grounds us in the natural cycles of the earth. Each phase of the moon contains rich wisdom and powerful energies to heal, motivate and ground us. So, do the phases of the moon have any effect on us? Absolutely. Are we powerless against these energies? Absolutely not.

Why is the moon so powerful?

The influence and strength of the moon is incredible. Its power controls the tides of our oceans and they make up 71% of the Earth’s surface! As beings made up of 60% water, it’s understandable then that we also feel the ebbs and flows of the moon’s power.

When we are attuned to the moon’s cycle, we can harness those different energies to guide the direction and realisation of our goals and manifest our best lives.

How can I harness the power of the moon?

The phases of the lunar calendar give us an amazing opportunity to check in with ourselves, set intentions and plan our next few steps to happiness and abundance with greater success on a regular basis. This regularity is the most important part, and further grounds us in the cyclical nature of Mother Earth’s beautiful energy. In this way, the moon can help identify what it is you need in the next phase, whether that be self-care, connection, healing or a high energy get-stuff-done vibe.

By becoming aware of the moon’s phases, we can awaken a new understanding of ourselves and its power.

How can I use crystals during the Moon’s phases?

The moon doesn’t just charge and cleanse crystals! Crystals help us navigate the lunar cycle too. Meditate with, wear or carry crystals which align to the energy of each moon phase to deepen your connection to your inner self and help harness the power of the lunar cycle.

What are the eight phases of the moon?

Every 29.5 days, the moon completes a full cycle from New Moon, to a Full Moon. There are eight phases, and each represents a different point in the moon’s orbit around the Earth. The astrological sign and placement of the moon under which you were born can also affect your needs.

Each lunar phase gives a different energy, which we can harness through our daily life.

Crystals are extremely beneficial to wear, carry, meditate with and place in the home during specific phases of the moon. Check out our favourites here.