What is Sacred Geometry?

What is Sacred Geometry?

What is Sacred Geometry?

Throughout the natural world there are various shapes which intrigue us with their beauty, individuality and repetition. The repetitive petals of a sunflower, the spiral of snail shell, the delicate pattern of an individual snowflake… all are examples of the powerful and ancient Sacred Geometry governing our world.

What is Sacred Geometry?

This is the study of geometric patterns, shapes, numbers and proportions within our natural world. We can find them everywhere: in nature, art, architecture and even our own body. These patterns and shapes hold deeply symbolic spiritual and energetic meaning. Once we understand the fundamentals of Sacred Geometry, our understanding of the world around us deepens along with the natural laws which govern it.

Sacred Geometry contains high frequencies of energy and light that can activate, heal, awaken and transform. It can help create natural alignment and flow in our mental, physical and spiritual bodies, as well as the world around us.

These ancient patterns and shapes have been used in the design of sacred temples, cathedrals and art for tens of thousands of years to evoke a sense of harmony, balance and transcendence within these important spaces.

Sacred Geometry exists on a physical and cellular level, as well as in the stars and orbiting planets.

How does Sacred Geometry work?

When our world and our body is in natural alignment, everything is in flow and life works beautifully. As we begin to study the forms of Sacred Geometry, we learn that Mother Earth’s work is perfectly and naturally connected. We can see this in a bee’s honeycomb or the branches of a tree. Within this is a perceivable pattern and energy to life, with certain geometric shapes carrying unique energy and power. The circle for example, is a symbol of unbreakable strength: unity, infinity, and perfection. The triangle represents harmony, balance and the interconnectedness of body, mind and spirit.

These patterns reflect our inner selves: the more attention we give them, the greater our self-awareness and access to our higher consciousness. Sacred geometry amplifies our connection to our life force and soul, creating harmony and balance in the energy in and around us.

How can I use Sacred Geometry?

Each geometric shape has a specific energy, vibration and feeling. When using them in meditation or healing, they can bring about an energetic shift in your body and consciousness, creating healing and alignment. You can harness this power through meditating in or gazing upon a crystal grid, wearing crystal jewellery with Sacred Geometry shapes or creating your own artwork featuring Sacred Geometry shapes. Simply giving your attention to these patterns and shapes in nature and life will bring you greater energetic alignment.

How can I use Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids?

One of the most effective ways to use these powerful patterns for your own healing is with a Sacred Geometry crystal grid. Anyone can create a crystal grid with as little as three stones, but part of the healing is embedded in the creation of your grid itself. For large grids, you can sit within the middle of it and meditate. Even if your grid is small enough to fit on an A4 piece of paper, simply looking at it and allowing its energy to flow through you will be incredibly beneficial.


  • A circle grid encourages feelings of safety, protection and strong boundaries. Use this grid with red crystals like Carnelian, Ruby or Jasper to gather your strength, and face a new challenge knowing you are supported energetically.
  • A triangle grid will elevate your energy and encourage higher consciousness. Create this grid with pieces of Apophyllite, Caribbean Blue Calcite or Chevron Amethyst to enable and enhance a truly transcendental meditation.

Why is Sacred Geometry important?

Civilisations from around the world, including Ancient Egypt, Greece, China, and India, have documented and utilised the benefits of Sacred Geometry for millenia. For us today, we can use this power to heal our trauma, remove energy blocks and bring balance to our mind, body and spirit.

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