Which crystals should I use in each phase of the moon?

Which crystals should I use in each phase of the moon?

Which crystals should I use in each phase of the moon?

Each lunar phase gives a different energy, which we can harness our through daily life. Crystals help to awaken our understanding of that lunar energy, and direct it to manifest our desires.

Each of the eight phases presents us with opportunities to manifest, heal and cleanse. Below, the Shiny Storm team have given their recommendations on which crystals will help harness the power of the moon.

‘Waxing’ means growing.

‘Waning’ means decreasing in size.

New Moon (Dark Moon)

This is the first lunar phase of the moon. It seems to have disappeared, but really, the moon’s shadow side faces the earth, and it looks invisible.

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. This phase represents the most powerful time to set intentions and visualise what you want to achieve and manifest it into reality during the next month. The slate is clean and you can ask for whatever state of being you wish.

Crystals for the New Moon

Meditate with Caribbean Blue Calcite to really drop into your inner self and intuition, or use Labradorite to clear confusion or indecision to get super clear on what it is you want. Delve into your desires and what you want to attract in abundance. Once your meditation is complete, write down your intentions in a journal. Be specific.

Waxing Crescent Moon

During this phase, the moon is growing and appears as a sliver of a crescent. This is a phase of hope and positivity, where possibility, growth, love and luck abound. Use this to your advantage and work to to manifest those intentions of the New Moon into reality. Embrace the dreams you visualised for yourself.

Crystals for a Waxing Crescent Moon

Wear Citrine to give yourself a constant boost of creativity, manifestation and abundance.

First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon is when the moon is a quarter of the way around the earth, and you can see half of the moon. First Quarter Moon energy is potent, and is all about taking deliberate action to bring your intentions into reality. Use the strength of this phase to overcome any obstacles or resistance.

Crystals for a First Quarter Moon

Meditate on your intentions and use Pink Amethyst to protect and give you the strength to trust yourself. Pyrite will help give you a boost of energy to burst through those obstacles.

Waxing Gibbous Moon

This phase occurs two weeks after the New Moon and is one of the most powerful to use crystals in. The Moon’s vibrant light is expanding and almost full, a time of greatest growth and healing. Our key focus should now be on honestly assessing how we can refine and make improvements to ourselves and our lives to best bring our intentions into reality.

Crystals for a Waxing Gibbous Moon

Meditate and feel into your chakras. Where is the energy blocked or absent? Place a corresponding crystal over the chakra and visualise energy flowing through. Carry bloodstone to encourage calm, strength and confidence during this important phase of action.

Full Moon

The moon is at its fullest and we are being bathed in an uninterrupted mirror of light. This is the most powerful phase of all: its magic can be amplified in groups and can even become overwhelming. Everything is illuminated. Our vision is open, and we can see situations and relationships clearly.

Crystals and the Full Moon

Reciting positive daily affirmations will give us the confidence to evolve and transform during the Full Moon. Don’t forget to cleanse your crystals by placing them in the full moonlight.

This is a highly energetic time: do something you love, get into the beauty and flow of nature and enjoy the wonder of being alive! Wear Smoky Quartz to protect you against negativity, and Clear Quartz to encourage harmony and wellbeing.

Waning Gibbous Moon

In this phase, we are halfway through the moon cycle, and its light begins to dim. Now is the time to take stock, change and let go of that which does not serve you. It is essential to express your gratitude. Adjust, cleanse and move on.

Crystals and a Waning Gibbous Moon

Rose Quartz is the perfect stone to help bring love and compassion into a meditation on your goals. Identify what must be let go, thank it with love and release.

Last Quarter Moon

Sometimes called the Third Quarter, a half moon lights up; the opposite of the First Quarter Moon. This is a time for balance, cleansing, introspection and calm, as well as preparation for the next cycle. Release negative energy and clean out anything which no longer serves us; including and especially our physical homes! Cutting the cord on bad habits can be particularly helpful in this stage.

Crystals and the Last Quarter Moon

Carrying Obsidian is perhaps the best use of crystal during this time. This powerful stone will help protect you from negativity. Cleansing your home with Palo Santo will also be beneficial.

Waning Crescent Moon.

The moon is a beautiful sliver, with only a crescent of the left side visible.

As the last lunar phase before a new cycle begins, encouraging stillness and peace is essential. Recuperation and rejuvenation are the hallmarks of this time. Be gentle with yourself: rest, focus, and reflect on the past month.

Crystals and a Waning Crescent Moon

Take a bath in Epsom salts with your favourite crystals nearby. Heal your body and spirit, ready to lift into the next beautiful cycle of life.